cCert Program

cCert Program

PersonalMed’s compounding certification (cCert.) is a credentialing program that was designed with the pharmacy benefit managers and health plans’ needs in mind. cCert enables organizations to offer their members complete access to highly qualified compounding pharmacies, while managing compounded medications efficiently. cCert focuses on credentialing, accreditation, legal compliance, clinical and quality standards, ownership structure, contract compliance and ethical business practices.



To achieve cCert, pharmacies are required to complete the following:

  • obtain and maintain accreditation through ACHC/PCAB
  • comply with all PersonalMed certification and plan sponsor’s credentialing standards
  • successfully complete initial and ongoing onsite surveys by ACHC/PCAB, PersonalMed and/or respective pharmacy benefit manager


Why do our clients choose cCert?

  • To offer a more competitive and comprehensive benefit package to their clients
  • Desire to manage and control the dispensing of compounded medications
  • Interested in offering compounded medications without fraud, waste and abuse
  • Plan and benefit design strategies around compounded medications
  • Implement a benefit program for members with unique clinical needs that require customized medications
  • Compound medications constitute a small portion of the overall spend, yet consume numerous resources to manage effectively, so it makes financial sense to outsource to the compounding experts at PersonalMed

If you are interested in learning more about cCert and how we can help satisfy your client needs, please call 844-901-7832 or e-mail

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